Computer Networks - Almost every home and business today uses some form of computer network to connect the devices we use every day. A wireless router for your home or running cables for an office. We can install a network to meet your needs and help you maintain and expand that network as your needs change and grow.

Wireless Access - With all the wireless devices out there today WiFi access points are a must. We have indoor and outdoor WiFi access solutions to keep your devices connected and free you to be where you want to be. Whether in the office, in the supply yard or relaxing down at the dock.

Public Hot Spots - In the hospitality industry WiFi "Hot Spots" are a feature that many guest have come to expect. If you're not offering WiFi in your establishment you may be missing out. We can help demystify WiFi "Hot Spots" and design a user friendly system to meet the demands of your guests.

Wireless Bridge - When running cable is not possible or too costly wireless network bridging is an excellent way to connect buildings together so that devices in both locations can communicate or share resources. For example a main office could be connected to a warehouses across a paved parking lot. Whether it's simply to share the same internet connection or to transfer information back and forth. Computers and other network devices at both locations are able to operate as if they we in the same room.

If you have connectivity problem that you are unsure how to solve give us a call!

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