Shaw Direct FAQ's


Do I have to pay a rental fee for the equipment?

No. There is no rental fee for Shaw Direct equipment. The equipment is purchased up front. Depending on the current promotions most new customers will receive a credit on their first bill that will cover all of their initial equipment costs.

Do I have to pay for installation?

In most cases installation of your first 2 receivers is FREE. Depending on current promotions additional receivers may be subject to an installation fee of $49 for HD or $99 for HDPVR

How many receivers can I get hooked up?

There is a limit of 6 receivers per residential account.

The standard Shaw Direct Dish can accept up to 4 connections. BasicHD receivers need only one connection each but HDPVR's use 2 each so, depending on your choice of receivers, additional equipment may be required.

Is there an extra monthly charge for additional receivers?

There is a "Multi-Receiver Fee" of $5 per month for accounts with 2 or more receivers. This one fee allows you to add up to 5 additional receivers. For example, if your programming package is $30 and you have 3 receivers you total monthly cost would be $35.

The "Multi-Receiver Fee" also gives you the added benefit of a "Limited Lifetime Warranty Service" should one of your receivers fail.

What is the warranty on the equipment?

In the event a receiver should fail, Shaw Direct will ship a replacement receiver directly to your home. All you have to do is pay to ship the old receiver back.

If you have only one receiver, a "Limited Lifetime Warranty Service" option is available for an additional $2.50 per month. With this option a service technician will come to your home and replace the receiver at no cost to you.

Customers who are paying the "Multi-Receiver Fee" automatically receive the Limited Lifetime Warranty Service.

Warranty does not apply to remote controls, cabling or outdoor equipment.